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The year was 1868 and Lisbon had scarce means to fight the multiple fires that roamed the city. Azevedo Brother's Pharmacy, in Rossio, was the meeting point for several personalities at the time, who gathered to discuss the problem.

On September 18, there was a conversation between José Isidro Viana, city councilman, and other prominent individuals. Among them, maestro Guilherme Cossoul, who suggested the creation of the first group of volunteer firefighters.

His idea was well received. On that very year, Cossou became the founder of the Royal Humanitarian Association of the Voluntary Firemen of Lisbon, the oldest volunteer firemen association in the country.

The most renowned names in trade, aristocracy, sciences and art became partners with the association, which became known by the people as the «Noblemen's Pump» (in a reference to the water pumps used).

Today, 1868 is more than a date - it is a legacy. A legacy that Bairro Alto Hotel is proud to pay homage to, in the 18.68 bar, set in the volunteer firemen's old headquarters.

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Our History

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